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You’ll Be Absolutely Free

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January 20, 2011

“Imagine the head of a pin.

On the head of this pin is an amazingly detailed illustration of some sort. It might be a little thought or a feeling or …

It might just be a picture of a sky or something with birds in it …

but it’s on the head of this pin, remember, and it’s infinitely detailed.

Now, imagine this pin is not a pin …

it’s a musical note with a corresponding physical action,

like the secret raising of an eyebrow to add special emphasis.

Even where nobody can see you.

Now, imagine enough of these abstracted pins to fill an area as large as South East Asia, and most of Eastern Europe, piled to a depth of 80 feet.

Now, imagine this area is not geometric space.

Imagine a collection of decades (the exact number to be disclosed eventually). Pause.

The reason for explaining this process is to simply let you know it exists, and to give you some criteria by which to rationally judge what we do.

It is not fair to review aspects of our work without considering the placement of a detail in the larger structure.”


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