The Curse of a Fine City

The Curse of a Fine City

The Curse of a Fine City Activism, Blog, Malaysia, Southeast Asia
January 2, 2018

I have returned to the bustling city, which was once my home. Despite my exhaustion, my eyes feast on the familiar sights of Kuala Lumpur, those lingering memories.

Time has been merciless upon this city – a natural progression that takes a heavy toll on buildings, towers, roads and the green landscape.

Urban poverty, in a worsen state, is still here and fueled by the delusions that the quality of life has improved under the present administration. Support services, social welfare haven’t changed for the better. Homelessness is visible, and growing. Poor responses from poorly-funded civil society, ignorant and bloated bureaucrats and flashy funders constantly seeking for ‘fashionable’ causes to sponsor. Then we have diseases, poor mental health, abandonment, abuse and the distressing reality of being poor.

The population and government often forgets (or some simply do not care) that the homeless are also vulnerable to flash floods, wild wind and the unforgiving monsoon rain.

Cursed by a vain-glory middle-class society and ostrocised by authorities, the urban homeless communities are left to their hardship. I feel, now, that I’ve returned to the realm of the damned.



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