The Constitution verses Our Lives

The Constitution verses Our Lives

The Constitution verses Our Lives Blog
July 6, 2012

A constitutional court is a high court that deals primarily with constitutional law. Its main authority is to rule on whether or not laws that are challenged are in fact unconstitutional, for example whether or not they conflict with constitutionally established rights and freedom. It does sounds noble, filled with virtues of justice and fairness. Well somewhat debatable, isn’t it? In some instances, a constitutional court is able to determine the fate of a country, by removing the democratic process and allowing their personal views to wrongly prejudge and resist the needs of the people.

The laws, similar to traditions, dogma and culture, were created to protect and nurture life. Though it seems nowadays that these binding customs and formality dictate the value of life.

We live in a realm filled with hypocrisy, flooded by these very codes that seems to bind us further to a mentality of servitude. In some case, a bondage of apathy. You may take pride in upholding the laws of your land, and yet you take a perverted pleasure in breaking them when no one is looking. Hypocrisy is common among civilized, refined redundancy that we call educated humans. We have seem many times when one is above the social caste and being filthy rich, that justice is determined by the color and quantity of your money. This is regardless of what is prescribed in the constitution. For them, in their own interest of greed and self-serving needs, the epitome of laws can be broken, almost at will.

The constitution of a country is based on the issues, needs and concerns of its citizen – the norms we value so much. Some have called it “The highest law of the land” and would religiously depend on the constitution to persuade others to conform. And as we continue our journey into the mayhem of the civilized world, we will find pockets of uncertainty and contradiction. The constitution is merely a document which stipulates the ideals and vision of a society, but yet after a generation or two, these highest set of laws seek to promote a dependency towards the ruling elites. We live like cattle for the slaughter in the name of an outdated constitution, butchered at their whims.

The constitution can change, and naturally must evolve regardless of the opposition. We must exercise these rights when our existence is threatened and prevents us from molding the future. When laws become oppressive, when the constitution is petrified, and when the lives we lead seems to be wrecked with injustices and barbarism, then it is time for us to throw the yoke of conformity. It is time for the people to embrace the deepest value of our lives — our ability to be free to determine our destiny.


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