The Assault on Occupy Dataran

The Assault on Occupy Dataran

The Assault on Occupy Dataran Blog, Malaysia
April 19, 2012

About 60 brutes made their way to Dataran Merdeka on Wednesday morning and unleashed their aggression – their target was the Occupy Dataran activists and university students. Such hostility was unexpected as the Occupy Dataran members had taken camp for days and merely exercising their right to peaceful demonstration. Occupy Dataran not only wanted to raise awareness and concerns of young Malaysians, but also to advocate behavioral change in society’s spiral of social redundancy.

The right to assemble is an illusion, a battering of the senses for many, but those who conform to the demands of the Government and the elites are merely those who shroud themselves in apathy.

The students and activists endured a brief period of terror: intimidation, the screaming, the chaotic destruction of the tents, the theft of their cameras, and the vicious beatings. Welcome to Malaysia, the land of hidden violence and subjugation with a smile.


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