Thailand: Peace Hath her Victories

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January 14, 2014

One of those evenings, the suffocation of human bodies riding the momentum of capitalistic ventures. Siam Square was bustling with activity, the young and old consumed by materialistic gains. Luxury is a fashionable fuckery in Bangkok, a metropolis of commerce and culture where the strong and rich view themselves as members of a prestigious high-society.


Past couple of grueling months, the familiar roar of fascism among these city dwellers can be heard, and those seeking an end to what the masses view as democracy. Sure, there are loads of accusation of unchecked corruption in the political parties and the Thai government. As if that is something new to the Thais. The mockery of hypocrisy is the neglect of self-criticism among those who shout at “Thaksinomics” – what of the festering corruption within the ranks of the so-called People’s Democratic Reform Committee and the elitist-based opposition, the Democrat Party. Or maybe hypocrites are just far too comfortable in the art of delusions and denials.


A meltdown of contradictions. Such practice of professing virtues that one does not possess is common, when feudalistic ambition course through the veins of the elites. Do such politicians, and educated professionals, care about the poor within and outside the city? Who do they truly protect beyond the boundaries of their purity and perfection? Supremacy of caste, where the rural folks and poor are treated like commodities to be traded and used at will, at whim. The usual gutters, where the interest of few elites supersede the rights of the masses.


Yet a group on January 10, despite it all, wearing white and gathered confidently to show support for their right to election and rejecting fascism stemmed by the tide of Suthep‘s hate speech and murderous horde. Self-styled “White Shirts” these group, stood in front of the Bangkok Art and Culture Centre, chanting for peace holding lit white and yellow candles. Respect My Vote. They cheered, they held hands and waved their arms in the air to the rhythm of music or silence. Every day, every evening, somewhere in Thailand, not just the fuckery of Bangkok, the groups, small and large, call out, unrestrained and expressing themselves.

They, like many outside of the city, are determined to defend their right to self-determination, for peace.






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