Poverty concealed by the passionate facade

Poverty concealed by the passionate facade

Poverty concealed by the passionate facade Activism, Blog, Crisis in Thailand, Southeast Asia, Thailand, The Struggle
November 22, 2013

Thais, from the north, down to the south, have seen their fair share of demonstrations, puppetry and the persistent rampage of power-hungry political masters. Aye, some claim they’re fighting for the future, for impassioned appeals to the prejudices or simply for themselves.

Yet it’s obvious, the ignorance generated onto the masses, aggressively utilizing the propaganda tools of the day, little is mentioned of the lives scattered on the dusty main roads of Bangkok, much less in the back lanes. Heavily populated areas in the metropolis, large sections devoted to substandard housing and wretched condition. Beggarism in a city exploding with political drama, where venom and spite hangs heavily in the air.

Urban poverty is widely accepted by the urban Thai society where the social elites view themselves as ‘civilized’ and above the squalor. Homelessness is nothing new, yet the monstrosity of ignorance has left most immune to empathy. While protesters scream the names of their heroes and villains, while the Constitutional Court forces their dogma down society, while scheming bureaucrats bulldoze others for a firm chokehold on their unsuspecting targets, the poor are still struggling in the cesspool of rot.

Indifference to destitution, perhaps. Flirting with apathy, definitely. Politicians claiming to the mantle of change, for a better future, are again at it, confining the have-nots in their place and exerting influence to change everything, for themselves, for their chosen followers, except the miserable poor.



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