Inevitable Destiny of the Bastard Child of Civilization

Inevitable Destiny of the Bastard Child of Civilization

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November 5, 2012

In a world with excessively armored riot police carrying semi-automatic rifles and heavily armed death squads gripping grenades  there is always a place for the suffering activist. A moment, even so briefly, is required even under the intensity of a hellish, cruel realm. Resistance comes with a heavy price, few are willing to pay.

Recent wars and their grim aftermath brought unwelcome developments to the growing masses, an urgent desire to infuse change into humanity. Despite the fracture of activism, misconception of revolution and some into radicalism of circumstances, those who stand before tyranny seek their birthright – to live as passionately free as possible, and to uphold justice for the marginalized and the oppressed.

The Institution believes in obedience, such cruel yet easy submission which many find tempting. In exchange for institutionalized slavery, the Power provides nourishment and jobs to the masses – a recycle decay of life, trapped in the rat race. It expects no negotiation,  or participation, nor compromise.

The Institution believes in one fundamental law when confronted with a recalcitrant, or rebel: Live to Fight, and Fight to Live.

At that moment, the Institution wields a black broad-bladed spear forged with cruel barbs, bond by the promises of misery, and that whimper of loss from the bruised mouth of a victim. But strength to resist is nurtured by the group, this rabble of bastards, spawns of civilization. Rejected by the mainstream, the rebels with clenched fists await for the inevitable.

AK Rockefeller, reduces the fear of being alone, produces a vigor of solidarity, particularly when one faces the shadow of the approaching might of the Institution. We discard the veils, we stand tall or crouch in position, and we wait to pounce on the Foe.

I, we, are never alone in this maddening, fierce world of revolt and flaming despotism.




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