I am a politician who used to be a soldier

I am a politician who used to be a soldier

I am a politician who used to be a soldier Activism, Blog, Southeast Asia, Thailand
September 24, 2018

The head of Thailand’s military government declared Monday he is “interested” in participating in politics, in a new indication he may seek to remain in office after elections scheduled for early next year.

Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-ocha’s remarks did not clarify whether he is considering running in the general election, which is tentatively scheduled for Feb. 24 next year, or will seek to be appointed by the new parliament as a non-elected outsider prime minister.

Prayuth disavowed political ambitions when he led a May 2014 coup that ousted an elected government. The military declared it would reform politics to get rid of corruption, and banned political party organizing until earlier this month.

I can say right now that I’m interested in political positions.

Prayuth for Prayuth

This comes to no surprise. Prayuth has grand ambitions.

Even after four years of ruling the country with an iron fist, the junta leader has failed in protecting human rights, which has seen the rapid decline in the quality of life for the population.

Prayuth’s junta has pushed through laws that weaken democratic structures with the intention of limiting the power of elected politicians and keeping it in the hands of traditional Thai powerholders, including the judiciary and the military.

Adored by Bangkok’s elites, his only interest is himself. By returning as prime minister in a post-election Thailand, he’ll have more opportunities to shape Thailand, though for ordinary citizens his presence will continue to make life miserable, filled with despair.


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