Embracing and Breathing Activism

Embracing and Breathing Activism

Embracing and Breathing Activism Blog, The Struggle
December 30, 2011

From the earliest days to the present, activists have been deeply moved by beauty in all its forms: in music, language and art, in the innocence of children, in Nature, and in the bravery of the elderly. Beauty stirs in activism and within its soft heart, a tenderness, exultation and sadness are combined. An activist incapable of responding and embracing to beauty is, to their peers, dead to the world, stiff, dead to the Cause.

But who am I kidding?

Activism is about the ugliness of life, the rights robbed, street-based confrontation, the hardship and bloated poverty. Activism may appear sexy to some, though I see nothing attractive about genocide, rape, extinction of wildlife, the cycle of domestic violence, rampant deforestation and starvation at an epidemic scale. Cracked ribs, bruised heads, an amputated leg, broken bones, starved bodies and rotten corpses in the ditch. Activism to some, is about defending against brutality, preventing carnage upon the minority, to induce freedom of an enslaved indigenous tribe, and the eradication of prejudice against the opposite sex. Hard work, the submission to the Cause and living on the edge of life is to be expected.

Activism is Action.

Although some may disagree, this rings true in spirit. An activist would be overwhelmed by what they saw, heard and felt – Rather than by philosophical ideas and by academic theories. ACTION is the outcome of such sensation.

On Earth there is no such splendor or such beauty as the Ugliness of Life. Embrace the hardship, and be part of the Revolution. Move, and take action. Now.


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