Dogma of Domination and Supremacy

Dogma of Domination and Supremacy

Dogma of Domination and Supremacy Asia, Blog, The Struggle
September 5, 2011
The protests and the riots. What were the powerful motives that induced human beings to proceed on such self-hazardous undertakings?

The revolution is important to the psyche of mankind not because of any moral contribution to their achievement, but because it offered vast new opportunities for using their freedom to be part of liberation. Without this inspiration men’s courage and endurance might have failed in face of tremendous obstacles, and grotesque challenges that taxes the senses: without their success many of the achievements of Asia’s revolution would have been impossible.

However the might of the institutions is supported by the financial sap of the industrial society, the influence of religion and dogma, and the ever-present racial paranoia. Whether we like it or not, Asia is still bogged by a deeply ingrained caste system, a generic code which has been repeatedly applied to in countless governments. Bourgeois influences and elitist observance, compel the fossilization of humanity as the poor are kept poor while the rich are stimulated to the furtherance of the privileged status and their gluttony for wealth. Civilization had begun in no unorthodox way with the activities of  lords and emperors, drawn from the need to segregate the rich from the masses. Why so? For the sole reason of immortality of the persona, and their selfish imperialist legacy.

Times have changed. The caste system of governance is facing problems of adaption, adaption to the new frustrated and isolated generation. The ruling class is vulnerable to only the human soul, the desire to lay down a mark that would remember the individual and her struggle, and not, never, the dogma of domination and supremacy.

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  1. MMM says:

    People say they protect the monarchy in order to preserve the people. But they use the law to get rid of the people’s struggle, along with the opposition. So what is left? The absolute, ultimate monarchy – Tyranny.

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