Christmas on Earth

Christmas on Earth

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September 25, 2011

They asked the Imam (Muhammad) by what means he had attained such a degree of learning. He replied, “In this way: I was not ashamed to ask whatever I did not know.”

– Shekh Muslhu’d-din Sadi of Shiraz

Identity is in flux. Identity is the transmitter for the soul.

Identity naturally moves to examine and assimilate more information. This is its purpose.

With unprecedented exposure to all cultures and peoples, human identities are mutating and evolving rapidly. The resulting meta-culture embraces a new and much broader sense of self.

This process can be enhanced and directed through the creation of culture and propaganda. Our work is a catalyst for change. We invite the emergent pandemic through transduction of viral art & culture modules. ITS is the virus.

Infect yourself and infect your network. This code contains instructions for the initiate. Build your own narrative right into the framework of reality.

When will we go, over mountains and shores, to hail the birth of new labor, new wisdom, the flight of tyrants and demons, the end of superstition, – to be the first to adore! – Christmas on earth!

– Arthur Rimbaud


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