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August 24, 2018

“To me, art is always political. One way or another, whether or not you, as an artist, you think it or not. It doesn’t matter. To me, it’s always political. Because, if everything’s already good, why make art?”

– Taweesak Molsawat | a social, cultural, political critic.

The human body is about politics. You make art to express something

Taweesak Molsawat’s performance ‘Blind Leading the Blind’ at Bridge Art Space on Saturday Aug. 18, 2018. Photo: Taylor McAvoy

As part of his work for Bangkok’s first ever Art Biennial, performance artist Taweesak Molsawat brings his audiences multiple one-time-only performances like “Blind Leading the Blind” a commentary on censorship. He hopes that involving his audience at public locations in Bangkok will encourage them to question their perceptions of society and interpret his art for themselves.

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