#BebasMedia – Whoever Controls the Media, Controls the Mind

#BebasMedia – Whoever Controls the Media, Controls the Mind

#BebasMedia – Whoever Controls the Media, Controls the Mind Activism, Blog, Malaysia, Southeast Asia
March 1, 2016

Grafik Rebel Untuk Protes & Aktivisme (Grupa) views the recent decision by the Malaysian Communications And Multimedia Commission to block news portal The Malaysian Insider as another blatant attempt by the desperate elites in stifling free speech on the pretext of national security when in reality the role of the media is to assist the public to develop critical thinking.

We feel that the time has come for Malaysians to demand for media and internet freedom in light of the latest assault on freedom of speech in Malaysia. It is thanks to such tactics many journalists from independent portals face a tough time when covering ruling party lawmakers and the reporters from the mainstream media are often dubbed government lapdogs.

We aim to put an end to this idiosyncrasy once and for all with the launch of our #freethemedia #bebasmedia campaign.

We also urge the public to show solidarity with TMI and demand press and internet freedom in whichever creative means they can.

Time to wake up from your slumber, Malaysians.


Source: Grafik Rebel

Grupa Najib_Razak

Grupa Free_The_Media

Grupa We_Are_All_Seditious

Grupa Bebas_Media

Grupa Stop_Media_Control



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