Trailing the Tuk-Tuks in Phnom Penh

Trailing the Tuk-Tuks in Phnom Penh Cambodia, ITS Image Factory, Photography, Southeast Asia
July 13, 2013
Phnom Penh, a small city flanked by a mighty Mekong River, dotted by farms, small factories and the rapid construction of structures. A city which shelters over 2 million people, with mix-matched buildings constructed haphazardly by the wickedly random minds of local and foreign architects.

Phnom Penh, the city of Cambodia, with the swirling hordes of tuk-tuk riders, where somber-looking men maneuvering motorcycles with comfortable small cabins attached to the rear. Most streets are congested by vehicles, are also filled with tuk-tuks parked on the roadside or steered carelessly to take their cargo or customers to their destination. At nights, partly hidden in the shadows, exhausted riders sleep in the cabin, with plastic covers warding the cooling wind.

Hard-working folks, who are unafraid of the roads, yet many carry the hardship of their families on tired shoulders, glazed eyes staring at the onslaught of poverty, and with the distant memories of lost kin.





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