Thy Neo-Fascist’s Will

Thy Neo-Fascist’s Will

Thy Neo-Fascist’s Will ITS Image Factory, Mixed Media, Myanmar, Southeast Asia
December 10, 2017

In the infinite realm of possibilities, a radical group of Burmese monks chose to inspire hate. A stifling climate of spite to suit their insecurities and apartheid fantasies. Their version of reality (and love) for racism continues to breed radicalism among self-proclaimed Buddhists in Burma.

Supported by the highest institutions and ultra nationalist doctrine, while frothing at the mouth, they violently purge Rohingya civilians from the land.

“They burnt our house and drove us out by shooting. We walked for three days through the jungle.”

– Mohammed, who fled to Bangladesh with his family of seven, including a baby born along the way.

The persecution of the Rohingya community is fueled by the state’s need to subjugate the masses and ensure the political longevity of the military elites.



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