Through the back alleys

Through the back alleys

Through the back alleys ITS Image Factory, Photography, Southeast Asia, Thailand
May 12, 2017

In Thai, an alley is called trok (ตรอก). It is most definitely narrow, well-used by pedestrians and riders on motorcycles or bicycles.

Leave the major streets, move away from the tall buildings and flashy restaurants. Walk the pace, then you will find it, the entrance to a slum; where the trok will take you deeper into the labyrinth.



There has been no progress in such crowded residential areas for the past three years. Local administrative authorities are either distracted or unmoved to the poor housing conditions of the working class. Residents of slums are left to their own design. Public facilities are maintained through shared resources, though residents have very little to spare.

Will there be any developments when (if) a civilian government takes over the junta? Or will the slums and marginalised communities be ignored?

Unfortunately while waiting for change, the urban poor will have to make ends meet to live through their present hardship.



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