The Curse Of Expectation

The Curse Of Expectation

The Curse Of Expectation Collage, ITS Image Factory
October 9, 2012

‘Chasms: Mine is the Curse of Expectation.’ by Dionne Hartnett (aka gogoloopie)

She could sense its vacuum from a distance far
beyond the hollow air that rushed in to fill
the void across this canyon… A chasm spanning ten
million miles wide, its bowels cut wide open,
deeper than the most distant
molecule in space…

She could see a distant, almost transparent apparition standing very
still and watching her with no expression.., she stood precisely where
the sun would set.

All the while, knowing that
this far-off stranger was not a stranger at all.

I was She and She was Me, and despite our fate
to spend eternity alone, We shared
a finite moment within an infinite

(They became We – She & Me).

Dionne Hartnett is a photographer from Texas. She tells it this way,

“I’ve lived a far too interesting life for such an uninteresting individual. Photography saved my life. Everything else mysteriously vanished.”

You can find her work on flickr

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