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Raver J: Collective Drawing & Painting, ITS Image Factory, Mixed Media
February 10, 2012


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Raver J is concept art – the idea itself is my art.

Art can change our world. I have noticed something within my own life which I call “manifesting my avatar” my art is driving the course of all my life. The Intention behind my art always was that my art would be done for charity, awareness, and activism.

The story/ies are fictional but run parallel to my life and personal spiritual journey – mainly being, “follow your heart.”

My personal contributions since I started this project back in 2003 have been, continuing Raver J (following my heart) & starting my own non-profits (Green Wave & Electronic Music Alliance) – my ways of trying to “save the world.”

The story of Raver J is essentially about figuring out that you have a choice in what you want to express and take part in in this world.

It is intended as counter propaganda to the mindlessness cultivated and celebrated within our society.

We are currently facing critical challenges whereby it would be advantageous to our species if we were all to not just cultivate the awareness of these challenges but feel a desire to be part of the solutions using our own unique talents – even if we determine our contribution to the solution is art alone.

I believe art is empowering as evidenced through my own journey.

The “rave” is dear to me in that it was the birthplace of understanding that I too could be an artist, and I found, like my character will find, her power there.

In a world where we often tune out, art, in any form, helps us tune back into imagination which has always been requisite to the cultivation of the ideas that lead to a better future.

All I know is I have come to a point where I believe I must inspire and empower more people to follow their hearts and tap back into this landscape of imagination.

My purpose for all of this is to create a community by which artists work with me to show the world that art is empowering.

I am hoping my ideas resonate with the artists that I collaborate with.

So. . . are you in?

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