Over The Rainbow

Over The Rainbow

Over The Rainbow Collage, ITS Image Factory
October 16, 2012

“on one leg” by Bob May (aka recombiner)

Bob May is a retired teacher from The UK. He gets old books, cuts out the pictures, and makes new pictures by carefully recombining the elements to surrealistic or amusing effect. You can find his work on flickr. He also has a blog.

Recombiner’s “rules I follow in collage”

  • The picture should preferably require some study before its impact is fully felt.
  • Girls are prettier than boys, nicer to look at.
  • If not being funny, then be interesting. Make ‘em think.
  • If attempting to be visually arty, then seek quality. But best not try.
  • Avoid cliché.
  • Be neither totally explicit nor totally implicit.


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