Oil Change by Ofunne Obiamiwe

Oil Change by Ofunne Obiamiwe

Oil Change by Ofunne Obiamiwe ITS Image Factory, Mixed Media
August 11, 2011
Art by
Ofunne Obiamiwe

Ofunne Obiamiwe is a mixed-media artist who lives and works in Los Angeles, California. An Associate Professor at Santa Monica College, where she teaches digital art, Ofunne holds a Master of Fine Arts degree in Public Practice (Otis College of Art and Design, Los Angeles), a Bachelor of Art in English/Drama (University of Nigeria, Nsukka) and a Certificate in New Media (Academy of Entertainment and Technology, Santa Monica). She is also the founder of Republic of Peace, an internet-based arts and culture initiative (see www.republicofpeace.com).

Ofunne Obiamiwe’s art work engages issues of social justice and activism, with a recurrent emphasis on how corporations, social institutions and popular culture impact people’s everyday lives. Through multimedia installations intended to inspire change by heightening public awareness and provoking personal responses, her participatory projects embrace themes encompassing human interactivity as well as myth and ritual, utilizing methods such as repurposing, recontextualizing and détournement to explore the complex relationship of art, technology and global culture. Inviting viewers to reflect on their own stories, Ofunne’s work not only seeks to initiate dialogue, it also strives to open paths of greater self-awareness and personal transformation. As an educator for over a decade, Ofunne experientially grounds her work in the interactive process of teaching and learning, which she considers a consummate form of creative practice.


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