Bangkok Style, by Zashnain

Bangkok Style, by Zashnain ITS Image Factory, Photography, Southeast Asia, Thailand
March 17, 2012


I’ve been in Bangkok for the three weeks. On a much-needed retreat. Last year I travelled to this city for harm reduction and the flood relief work, now it is purely for relaxation and self-awareness. My journey has taken me to the slums, commercial centre, and along the endless twisted streets.


It’s a hot day, slightly humid but not as bad as Kuala Lumpur. Sipping cold coffee at the road side stall, enjoying the sights of a chaotic Bangkok.


Bangkok, a metropolis, a colossal organic realm with 12 million people. I’ve yet to completely explore the city; visiting only a small portion, but I’m inhaling and embracing the adventure… passionately.


It’s been almost a month, and I have yet to venture into the older districts of Bangkok. Traveling through this incredible city is always full of surprises. I’ve seen the congestion of the elites, the working class and the poor, all in this melting pot of contradiction.


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