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Saffron Revolution activist U Gambira sentenced to hard labor in Myanmar

#FreeGambira #‎FreeAllPoliticalPrisoners‬ On Tuesday April 24th, Nyi Nyi Lwin (aka U Gambira), former Buddhist monk and leader of the Saffron Revolution in Myanmar in 2007, was handed a sentence of six months wit ...


A Rohingya in Bangkok: Driven, Determined

Mohamed Saibal works with his colleague and friend by the busy roadside, both shy men are from one of the most oppressed community in the region. Saibal is a Rohingya, working in the heart of Thailand, patiently sell ...


Patterns of impunity and deceit in Myanmar

A UN supervised investigation is needed before more atrocities are committed against the Rohingya Muslims. Yet another deadly attack on Myanmar's persecuted Rohingya minority made the news recently, this time taking ...


Fear of “catastrophic violence” against Myanmar Muslims

The attitudes behind the deadly and systematic violence against Muslims in overwhelmingly Buddhist Myanmar could, if left unchecked, lead to “mass atrocities,” Physicians for Human Rights (PHR) said in a report r ...


Rohingya Documentary: Stateless In Their Own Country

To commemorate the one year anniversary of the first outbreak of violence in Arakan state, Myanmar in June 2012, Restless Beings held a special exclusive screening of a documentary- Stateless In Their Own Country. ...


Song From Rohingya @Menara

Song From Rohingya @Menara | 22 January 2013 Ziarah Saudara Rohingya @Menara ...


Inside Burma: The Hidden Genocide

Video on the ongoing genocide of the Rohingya in Rakhine State, Myanmar and violence against Muslims in general. Created by International Business Times, UK ...


Myanmar Army Continues to Live in Denial Over Abuses

Min Aung Hlaing should start by apologising to the Myanmar people and admitting that the army has committed widespread abuses. Then the people of his country may start to believe that the army can actually play a rol ...


Anonymous Rallies Around Rohingya, Prepares for Online Operation

Worried that ethnic cleansing may take place without international attention, Anonymous is preparing an operation in support of Myanmar’s minority Muslim Rohingya ethnic group, possibly targeting government officia ...


Who burned 13 orphan boys alive in Yangon, Myanmar?

Buddhist Nationalism provides the perfect cover for the military elite of Myanmar to continue their decades-long campaign of ethnic cleansing of Muslims, Christians and other indigenous minority groups throughout the ...


Is Oil One Reason For Genocide of Rohingya in Burma?

Human rights campaigners are warning that further ethnic cleansing of the Rhingya in Burma, which is being exacerbated by land clearances due to economic developments surrounding the Shwe Oil/Gas pipeline, could be i ...


Rohingya: A Community in Exodus

In our land, mothers and children are safe. And they haven’t heard of boat people. People in the Rohingya community in west Myanmar are denied citizenship where they live. Even though they’ve been born in this c ...


Public Servants Bearing Witness Vol. 1

What’s mainstream news not telling you? Quite a lot, actually. But that’s a problem Sarah Jones (@SarahJReports) endeavors to remedy as editor of the new monthly online publication “Public Servants BEARING WITN ...


The Siege of Kachin State

While the world is dropping sanctions against the military regime in Burma the Kachins are fending off a siege. Woman are raped and killed and thousands of children suffer. It appears as if the world is ignoring the ...


Rohingya – The Forgotten People

They are branded as one of the most persecuted communities in the world by the UN, yet nobody knows their name. They are the forgotten people. ...


Mines of Monywa- what are the limits of Burma’s reform?

Originally published on The Activist Over recent weeks, events around the Letpadaung copper mine near Monywa have sent shockwaves through Burma’s fragile reform process. For months local people including Buddhist m ...


Rohingya – The Hidden Genocide

This is a story of a people fleeing the land where they were born, of a people deprived of citizenship in their homeland. It is the story of the Rohingya of western Myanmar, whose very existence as a people is denied ...


Expert Warns of Rohingya Genocide

According to Prof. Schabas, one of the foremost experts on international criminal law: “We’re moving into a zone where the word can be used (in the case of the Rohingya). When you see measures preventing births, ...


Rohingya flee violence in Myanmar

Pete Pattisson reports on the violence in Arakan state. Thousands of Muslim Rohingyas flee their villages to escape mobs of Rakhine Buddhists, ending up in overcrowded refugee camps in their own land. ...


Making Rohingya Statelessness

The history of how the Rohingya Muslims of Arakan State in western Burma (Myanmar) lost their status and citizenship and became stateless under the Burmese military dictatorship. ...

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