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Australia’s Piracy on the High Seas

The protracted debacle that has been this detention at sea has left the human rights reputation of Australia in a shaky state. The piracy and detention of people by Australian officials outside their own territory ra ...


Who burned 13 orphan boys alive in Yangon, Myanmar?

Buddhist Nationalism provides the perfect cover for the military elite of Myanmar to continue their decades-long campaign of ethnic cleansing of Muslims, Christians and other indigenous minority groups throughout the ...


Rajapaksa’s Racism Rumbles On

The Tamil people’s long wait for justice over the abhorrent War Crimes committed by Mahinda Rajapaksa’s brutal government, drags on with little hope that the tyrant will ever face the same kind of international j ...


Sri Lanka: You Can’t Hide the Truth Forever

“We have proof of war crimes- we demand justice” – that was the message from thousands of Tamil protesters gathered outside the 19th Session of the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva this week. The current sessi ...

Tamil Tigers

UN Report: Sri Lanka’s President Guilty of “Crimes Against Humanity”?

Government forces shelled no fire zones where they had forced civilians to congregate, attacked UN food distribution points and Red Cross ships coming to collect the wounded, systematically destroyed hospitals, raped ...

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