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The Trials of Henry Kissinger

The film focuses on Henry Kissinger and his role in America’s secret bombing of Cambodia in 1969, the approval of Indonesia’s genocidal assault on East Timor in 1975, the assassination of a Chilean general in 197 ...


Indigenous Activists Battle Governments in Latin America

Indigenous activists in Bolivia and other Latin American countries who take to the streets to protest the exploitation of their ancestral homelands face repressive measures and charges of terrorism. ...


Vote Rio Tinto for Greenwash Gold 2012

Rio Tinto is bad news for many communities around the world. Its operations have failed to provide adequate protection of public health, the environment, workers and human rights. It is a scandal that it should be pr ...

Middle East North Africa Uprisings

The ‘Real’ Princes of Persia

The uprisings popularly called the 'Arab Spring' have seen regional power in the middle east wrestled away from pro-American Regimes ...

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