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Mining Capitalism Cover

Mining Capitalism: The Relationship between Corporations and their Critics

Mining Capitalism is a new book by Stuart Kirsch published by University of California Press with cover art by AK Rockefeller. We are very excited to play a small part in this groundbreaking work towards understandi ...


West Papuan cause getting new international support

New support for the West Papuan movement becoming member of the Melanesian Spearhead Group (MSG). Vanuatu, Solomon Islands and the New Caledonian Kanak nationalist coalition FLNKS (already an MSG member) are the stro ...


PNG Takes Regional Lead In Supporting West Papua Freedom Campaign

Ordinary people in this part of the Pacific are painfully aware that the West Papuan people continue to live under the gun. It is the politicians in Melanesia who have been slow to take up the cause. But that may be ...

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West Papuan Leaders Apply For Melanesian Spearhead Group Membership

Officials from the West Papua National Coalition for Liberation (WPNCL) have submitted an application for Melanesian Spearhead Group membership at the organisation’s headquarters in Port Vila, Vanuatu. Dr John Onda ...


Growing International Solidarity for West Papua Freedom Campaigns

It is likely that most US citizens who consider themselves informed about global events are aware of the genocides in Rwanda, Bosnia and East Timor, yet it’s likely that few people in the US are aware of the ongoin ...

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