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Boycott Indonesian Elections!

Several West Papuan activist groups have been calling for a boycott of tomorrow's elections in Indonesia. Indonesian police and military have actually threatened to shoot anyone calling for the boycott, forcing the ...


The practice of torture increased drastically in Indonesia

KONTRAS: Torture Increased Drastically! A Report on the Practice of Torture in Indonesia. ...


West Papua buries another national hero

Today Papuans mourned the loss of Mako Tabuni, deputy chairman of the KNPB (National Committee of West Papua). He joins Theys Eluay, Arnold Ap, Tom Wainggai, Kelly Kwalik and countless other Papuan freedom fighters ...


Massive demonstrations across West Papua demanding UN protection

Source: West Papua Media Rallies held across West Papua, Indonesia, and Australia have drawn tens of thousands of people on to the streets calling on UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon to do more to protect West Papuan ...


Australia is Paying to Police Papuan Separatists

An Australian funded and trained elite counter-separatist force? This was not the Australian government’s intention when it began pouring millions of dollars into the Indonesian counter-terror effort after the Bali ...


Church Leaders Recommend Self-Determination for West Papua

Papuan Church leaders call for Papua self-determination, the withdrawal of all non-organic troops from Papua, freeing of political prisoners in a meeting with president SBY. ...


Dutch MP Calls for Support of West Papua’s Independence Struggle

The Dutch PVV and GroenLinks parties believe the Netherlands should support West Papua's struggle for independence from Indonesia ...


Applying the wisdom of traditional Melanesia to Modern Society

"A long time ago, our people discovered the secret of life — live well, love well, have something good for every person and die a happy death" - Bernard Narakobi ...


Amnesty International: Continuing Violations of Human Rights in Indonesia

In its annual report for 2011, released in May, Amnesty International issued a broad condemnation regarding the performance of Indonesian security forces and of the Indonesian judicial system, singling out for partic ...

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