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Rohingya: A Community in Exodus

In our land, mothers and children are safe. And they haven’t heard of boat people. People in the Rohingya community in west Myanmar are denied citizenship where they live. Even though they’ve been born in this c ...


The practice of torture increased drastically in Indonesia

KONTRAS: Torture Increased Drastically! A Report on the Practice of Torture in Indonesia. ...


Peter King, Ronny Kareni & Richard Di Natale discuss West Papua

Senator Richard Di Natale, Greens spokesperson for West Papua, joined SKY News on 18 June to discuss escalating violence and tensions in West Papua. ...


Stop the systematic suppression of Papuan cultural identity

Papuan activists and scholars have called on the government to allow the use of the region’s traditional symbols and stop prosecuting locals who promote them. ...


Indonesia Restricts Journalists, Activists in West Papua

The Indonesian government has restricted the number of foreign journalists who are given access to enter West Papua and write about the situation there, according to a new report. ...


Reporters Without Borders Concerned by Series of Media Freedom Violations in Indonesia

Reporters Without Borders is concerned by a series of media freedom violations in Indonesia in the past few days. ...


What is actually the root of the problem in Papua?

For the life of me I fail to see why indigenous people would want to swap age old and successful cultures for an economic system that can devise industrial scale murder as an acceptable means of economic and ‘cultu ...


Why Indonesian Kids Are Crazy for Punk

Report on the Indonesian punk band Marjinal and their efforts to help street kids ...


Church Leaders Recommend Self-Determination for West Papua

Papuan Church leaders call for Papua self-determination, the withdrawal of all non-organic troops from Papua, freeing of political prisoners in a meeting with president SBY. ...


Anarchy in Aceh: Pacific Punks Sentenced to Government Rehabilitation

Mohawks buzzed and noses free of piercings, dozens of youths march in military-style for hours beneath Indonesia's tropical sun — part of efforts by authorities to restore moral values and bring the "deviants" back ...


Amnesty International: Continuing Violations of Human Rights in Indonesia

In its annual report for 2011, released in May, Amnesty International issued a broad condemnation regarding the performance of Indonesian security forces and of the Indonesian judicial system, singling out for partic ...

Don't Train Indonesia's Deadly Kopassus

Don’t Train Indonesia’s Deadly Kopassus

The history of Kopassus human rights violations, its criminality and its unaccountability before Indonesian courts extends back decades and includes human rights and other crimes in Timor-Leste (East Timor), Aceh, We ...

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