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Global Solidarity Concert for West Papua in Los Angeles

AK Rockefeller is honored to be sharing the stage with Blue King Brown, Big Mountain and Benny Wenda at The Mint in Los Angeles this May 15th. Come check out some great music and show your support for a free West Pap ...


Intrepid Women of the Great Identity Transduction

Identity Transduction is imminent. All genders, old and new, will participate. Culture is ours to manufacture and manipulate as we see fit. Capitulation is death. Art is freedom. ...


Collection of disturbing protest footage from Ukraine

Incredible video footage from the midst of the violently escalating protests in Kyiv over the past week ...


Indonesian military gears up for oppression in West Papua

The Indonesian military has big plans and has made some big purchases. They have just acquired 8 units of AH-64 Apache combat helicopters as well as a number of submarines. Will they end be used for defense or to s ...


Mi’kmaq resist brutal police crackdown on fracking blockade

In case you hadn't already heard, on October 17th RCMP officers violently descended on a blockade led by the Mi’kmaq Warrior Society in New Brunswick, Canada. The blockade was was preventing Houston-based SWN Reso ...


Arming Indonesia: U.S. to sell Apache helicopters

In a first-of-its-kind deal worth about $500 million, the United States has agreed to sell eight new Apache AH-64E attack helicopters and Longbow radars to Indonesia. “Providing Indonesia these world-class helicopt ...


Despite police bans, a day of peaceful resistance in West Papua

Today marked the 51st anniversary of the signing of the devastating New York Agreement (1962). This treaty gave Indonesia permission to take complete control of West Papua, having already occupied parts of it. Poli ...


PsyOps: Studying Narrative Comprehension and Persuasion

ITS calls your attention to a DARPA-funded research project studying the effectiveness of different narratives in efforts of mass persuasion. Using MRI and EEG they will map areas of the brain involved in narrative ...


Echoes of Past Wars

Winona LaDuke's "The Militarization of Indian Country" tells a history that isn't over, and describes a scene that cannot escape from its past... numerous outrages to convey a picture of purposeful devastation on a s ...


Has Snowden Inadvertently Unmasked the World’s Real Rogue Power?

His goal: to expose a vast surveillance structure built in the shadows in the post-9/11 years and significantly aimed at Americans. The result has been a global spectacle, as well as a worldwide debate about the spyi ...


Benny Wenda’s Mission to Free West Papua

Benny Wenda’s campaign for West Papuan independence is embarrassing Britain and enraging Indonesia... For Wenda, it’s all been in the service of a single goal: independence for West Papua and an end to what he de ...


Sneak Preview of Bill Still’s Jekyll Island

The debt money system is the primary cause of most of the world's economic problems today. In addition, it is a major cause of most of the world's hunger, poverty, misery and disease. The good news is it does not hav ...


Where It Hurts

The illusion of freedom will continue as long as it's profitable to continue the illusion. At the point where the illusion becomes too expensive to maintain, they will just take down the scenery, they will pull back ...


PNG Gas Boom Not Benefiting Locals

A project run by ExxonMobil to supply China and Japan with liquefied gas for the next 30 years is changing life in Papua New Guinea with wildly inequitable results for local people. ...


The CIA Controls Al Qaeda

A video by Mark Murata which shows how the CIA created Al Qaeda and used it to attack Egypt. ...


Deliverance, Shell Hell and Peace Surface by Ofunne

3 more awesome pieces by Ofunne Obiamiwe! ...


US Pledges to Step Up Military Ties With Indonesia

The United States will step up its military cooperation with Indonesia, Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel said in Singapore on Friday after meeting his Indonesian counterpart Purnomo Yusgiantoro. ...


Indonesian Gov’t Tells Freeport to Suspend Papua Mine Production

Operations at a US-owned mine in Indonesia have been suspended after the government ordered a halt to production following a tunnel collapse which killed 28 workers. The All Indonesian Workers Union says workers will ...


28 workers die in Freeport McMoran tunnel collapse

Video art about the devil Richard K. Adkerson and the Freeport-McMoran mining company. Freeport-McMoran owns the Grasberg mine in Timika, West Papua, the scene of a recent tunnel collapse killing 28 miners. ...


West Papuan cause getting new international support

New support for the West Papuan movement becoming member of the Melanesian Spearhead Group (MSG). Vanuatu, Solomon Islands and the New Caledonian Kanak nationalist coalition FLNKS (already an MSG member) are the stro ...

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