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Mi’kmaq resist brutal police crackdown on fracking blockade

In case you hadn't already heard, on October 17th RCMP officers violently descended on a blockade led by the Mi’kmaq Warrior Society in New Brunswick, Canada. The blockade was was preventing Houston-based SWN Reso ...


Greenpeace calls for halt in the granting of deep seabed mining licences

Environmental organisation Greenpeace International has called for a suspension in the granting of deep seabed mining licences. A new report from the organisation has found that deep seabed mining could have a seriou ...


The CIA Controls Al Qaeda

A video by Mark Murata which shows how the CIA created Al Qaeda and used it to attack Egypt. ...


Deep Sea Mining − The Pacific Experiment

Canadian mining company Nautilus Minerals Inc. has staked its reputation on bringing off the world's first deep sea mining (DSM) operation. The Bismarck Sea in Papua New Guinea has been marked out as the testing grou ...


#IdleNoMore – Transnational Indigenous Solidarity

#IdleNoMore is a growing movement of indigenous activism that started with Canada's First Nations taking a stand against a long history of systematic, institutionalized abuse by the Canadian authorities. ...


#IdleNoMore fighting for indigenous sovereignty in Canada

Idle No More calls on all people to join in a revolution which honors and fulfills Indigenous sovereignty which protects the land and water. Colonization continues through attacks to Indigenous rights and damage to t ...


Papua: A Mysterious Shooting – & A Mysterious Motive

Poengky Indarti, executive director Indonesia human rights monitor Imparsial, told the Jakarta Globe on Sunday: “Germany, Canada, Britain, the Netherlands and France questioned the Indonesian government on its hand ...


Pedaling For Papua – Promo Video

The Pedalling for Papua performance aims to educate audience members about the human rights and environmental crisis in West Papua through a theatrical, multimedia approach ...


Sharp Increase in International Concern About Human Rights in West Papua

Indonesia's human rights record was reviewed by the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva, Switzerland. Concerns about human rights in Papua increased sharply since the last review in 2008, with a significant number of m ...


Police who shot 5 Papuans in Degeuwo must be arrested

The Indonesian Human Rights Monitor, Imparsial, in Jakarta has urged the police in Papua to arrest those members of Brimob, the elite police force that shot five Papuans in Location45 where they were panning for gold ...


Human Resources: Social Engineering In The 20th Century

Human Resources: Social Engineering in the 20th Century explores the rise of mechanistic philosophy and the exploitation of human beings under modern hierarchical systems. ...


Indonesia must attend to the health of imprisoned Jayapura 5

Indonesia has been urged to pay close attention to the health and well-being of Forkorus and his colleagues who are now being held in Abepura Prison and to make sure that their conditions are being regularly monitore ...

uranium_nuclear_Kado Muir

It’s Time To Stop Radioactive Racism

THIS INDUSTRY PREYS ON REMOTE ABORIGINAL COMMUNITIES KEEPING EVERYTHING OUT OF SIGHT AND OUT OF MIND. Across Australia there has never been a uranium mine that has not leaked radioactive mine waste into the environme ...


The Politics Of Genocide: White Supremacy, Ideology And Corporate Control

Why are some conflicts labeled as "genocide" while others are not? Why do we hear more about six million Jews exterminated half a century ago than we do about 10 million Congolese people exterminated since 1996? Are ...


Vote Rio Tinto for Greenwash Gold 2012

Rio Tinto is bad news for many communities around the world. Its operations have failed to provide adequate protection of public health, the environment, workers and human rights. It is a scandal that it should be pr ...


Another eyewitness to Canada’s Church & State Genocide murdered

Ricky Lavallie is dead. He was a 51 year old native man, and the sole witness to the murder by 3 Vancouver policemen of another key aboriginal activist in the ITCCS network, Johnny Bingo Dawson. ...


More First Nations Children Removed From Their Homes Than Ever Before

Three times more First Nations children are removed from their families today than at the peak of the residential school system in 1949. Then, approximately 8,900 aboriginal children were taken from their fami ...


Canada’s Rush for Gold

Canada may be one of the world's largest gold mining nations, but both its overseas and domestic mining activities are controversial. ...


Who will control the drones watching you?

Whether they are being used for surveillance or all-out combat, drones will soon pose serious risks for all of the world's citizens. ...


Why #OccupyWallStreet? 4 Reasons

Great video on what's behind the #OccupyWallStreet movement - by D. C. Douglas. ...

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