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Collection of disturbing protest footage from Ukraine

Incredible video footage from the midst of the violently escalating protests in Kyiv over the past week ...


Indonesian military gears up for oppression in West Papua

The Indonesian military has big plans and has made some big purchases. They have just acquired 8 units of AH-64 Apache combat helicopters as well as a number of submarines. Will they end be used for defense or to s ...


Has Snowden Inadvertently Unmasked the World’s Real Rogue Power?

His goal: to expose a vast surveillance structure built in the shadows in the post-9/11 years and significantly aimed at Americans. The result has been a global spectacle, as well as a worldwide debate about the spyi ...


Deep Sea Mining − The Pacific Experiment

Canadian mining company Nautilus Minerals Inc. has staked its reputation on bringing off the world's first deep sea mining (DSM) operation. The Bismarck Sea in Papua New Guinea has been marked out as the testing grou ...


Iraq- Ten Years After

It is difficult to discern which is the most despicable, the corrupt Bush regime, the presstitutes that enabled it, or the corrupt Obama regime that refuses to prosecute the Bush regime for its unambiguous war crimes ...


Goodbye Indonesia: The West Papuan Struggle for Independence.

Because it is virtually impossible for foreign journalists to obtain official permission to visit the territory filmmaker Dom Rotheroe and fixer Sally Collister travelled in the guise of tourists. Filming discreetly, ...


The Devaluation of the Nobel Peace Prize?

Two hundred and thirty-one people and organisations were nominated for this year’s Nobel Peace Prize, widely heralded as one of the most prestigious honours in global politics. Yet the five-person committee respons ...


Pussy Riot- Punked Russia

Feminist punk band Pussy Riot made headlines worldwide and helped to galvanise a growing wave of discontent across Russia. Now, despite an increasingly harsh crackdown, protesters are refusing to be silenced. ...


Pussy Riot in Court- Russia on Trial

As the trial of three members of Russian punk band Pussy Riot enters its second week, the humiliation and degradation continues unabated. ...


If Taylor Can Be Tried For War Crimes, Why Not Kissinger, Putin, Bush, etc.?

Should Vladimir Putin be studying the conviction of Charles Taylor, the former Liberian president? What about Henry Kissinger? It’s striking that the very same legal reasoning could apply to those in Washington, M ...


Occupy PNG Takes On Government (And Wins!)

In another example of the power of popular resistance, Papua New Guineans this week appear to have successfully stopped the government from delaying elections and implementing a controversial Judicial Conduct Law tha ...


Jennifer Robinson: The UN’s Chequered Record in West Papua

IN THE 1960S, WEST PAPUANS WERE SACRIFICED IN THE NAME OF COLD WAR POLITICS – AND THE UN DID NOTHING ABOUT IT. Thousands have taken part in rallies across West Papua and in Australia to mark the UN Secretary-Gener ...


Caucasus: Frozen Conflicts, Forgotten Lives?

Overshadowed by the conflict in the former Yugoslavia at roughly the same time, the three conflicts waged in the South Caucasus in the early 1990s remain as neglected by the international media as ever. Over a millio ...


Belarus: Lukashenko Under Pressure

Last month activists used social media sites to arrange a silent protest in Minsk – showing their opposition to Lukashenko without the kind of chants, slogans or banners that would normally result in arrest. The tr ...

Vanuatu Abkhazia Georgia

Vanuatu Becomes 5th Country to Recognize Georgia’s Rebel Abkhazia Region

"Vanuatu has taken a very brave step and we are very grateful... It is very meaningful. They were not afraid of provoking a negative reaction from western Europe and the United States." ...

Hillary Clinton & Mikheil Saakashvili

Georgia: President Saakashvili Violently Breaks Up Protests

Human Rights Watch called the use of force by Georgia’s riot police “excessive” and “disproportionate.” ...

Mikheil_Saakashvil Georgia

Georgia: Rage Against the Regime, protests in face of force

Thousands of protesters have been rallying for several days now in Georgia with the goal to overthrow President Mikhail Saakashvili. ...


Georgia: Thousands Rally Calling for President Saakashvili to Step Down

Thousands of demonstrators rallied in the ex-Soviet state of Georgia calling for President Mikhail Saakashvili to resign. ...

Belarus: Endangered Journalists in Europe's Last Dictatorship

Belarus: Endangered Journalists in Europe’s Last Dictatorship

Activist & head of 'Belarus Free Theatre' Natalia Koliada talks about life in Europe's last dictatorship after controversial election last December, a treacherous place for journalists, performers, activists and wome ...

$ystem failure

$ystem failure

$ystem failure by Humphrey King ...

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