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300,000 Dead West Papuans: A Fair Price For Our Golems?

To most so called civilized people, the land is nothing more than a commodity, to be exploited and ultimately discarded in the name of Western ‘progress’ and greed. The human cost of progress is not only born by ...

belarus lukashenko Andrzej Poczobut

Belarus: Lukashenko’s Crackdown Continues With Imprisonment of Polish Blogger

Continuing his Crackdown of political opposition, Belarus' president Lukashenko arrests Polish Journalist and blogger-activist. ...


CIA Secret Euro-Prison Network Exposed

A vast network of covert CIA facilities appears to be everywhere in the Middle East, North Africa and Eastern Europe. CIA secret prisons were reported to be operating in Poland and Lithuania... ...

Polish Propaganda Posters

Polish Propaganda Posters

1920's Polish Propaganda Posters ...

Stanislaw Staszewski

Stanislaw Staszewski: Murderer’s Row

Stanislaw Staszewski was one of the greatest songwriters/lyricists ever to have lived. . . ...

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