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Benny Wenda’s Mission to Free West Papua

Benny Wenda’s campaign for West Papuan independence is embarrassing Britain and enraging Indonesia... For Wenda, it’s all been in the service of a single goal: independence for West Papua and an end to what he de ...


US Pledges to Step Up Military Ties With Indonesia

The United States will step up its military cooperation with Indonesia, Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel said in Singapore on Friday after meeting his Indonesian counterpart Purnomo Yusgiantoro. ...


A Glimpse of the Persistent, Widespread Practice of Torture in West Papua

Put in a broader context of the politics of torture in Papua, the cases of Gobay and Klembiap are not uncommon or isolated. Rather, they reveal a glimpse of the ways the Indonesian state has governed Papua for the la ...


West Papua’s Uncertain Future

We are always told how primitive the Papuan people are; that we are the nobles in fine clothes while they are the koteka-wearing savages. We know that God created one of the most-stunning paradises on earth there, wh ...


Goodbye Indonesia: The West Papuan Struggle for Independence.

Because it is virtually impossible for foreign journalists to obtain official permission to visit the territory filmmaker Dom Rotheroe and fixer Sally Collister travelled in the guise of tourists. Filming discreetly, ...


Growing International Solidarity for West Papua Freedom Campaigns

It is likely that most US citizens who consider themselves informed about global events are aware of the genocides in Rwanda, Bosnia and East Timor, yet it’s likely that few people in the US are aware of the ongoin ...


West Papuan Refugees Hope for PNG Citizenship

Between 1984 and 1986, more than 11,000 West Papuans fled east into PNG from the western, Indonesian half of New Guinea Island to escape political turmoil and economic discontent; the area’s longstanding secessioni ...


West Papua Tribal Leader Tells World About Injustice in Homeland

Tribal Leader Benny Wenda is on a mission around the Caribbean to sensitize the region about the modern day colonialism in the country of West Papua, a province of Indonesia covering the western peninsula of the isla ...


West Papua: Remembering 51 years of oppression

Dusk is falling across Melbourne and West Papua, but not over the dreams of the Papuan people. Today, remembering 51 years of oppression having been denied the right to self-determination, the West Papuan people gath ...


Arming the Illegal Occupation of West Papua

Despite glaring human rights concerns, western nations are lining up to feed the Indonesian military's (TNI) thirst for blood in West Papua. While the TNI engages in ethnic cleansing "sweeps" in remote areas of West ...


Extremely High Infant Mortality in West Papua Result of Discrimination

The Indonesian government has not taken sufficient steps to improve the dire situation, which has led to the appalling infant mortality rate of 18,4% among rural Papuans. Health centers are often vacant or even aband ...


Land of the Morning Star – West Papua documentary (full version)

Made by Australian journalist Mark Worth, the film features rare archival film and eyewitness accounts. Worth spent much of his journalistic career reporting on the region before his sudden death in a hotel room in J ...


Indonesia Amps Up Campaign of Terror Against The People of West Papua

After almost 50 years of Indonesian rule, the reins of control are being pulled tighter than ever, with human rights groups saying the frequency and ferocity of abuse is on the rise. ...


300,000 Dead West Papuans: A Fair Price For Our Golems?

To most so called civilized people, the land is nothing more than a commodity, to be exploited and ultimately discarded in the name of Western ‘progress’ and greed. The human cost of progress is not only born by ...


Indonesia must attend to the health of imprisoned Jayapura 5

Indonesia has been urged to pay close attention to the health and well-being of Forkorus and his colleagues who are now being held in Abepura Prison and to make sure that their conditions are being regularly monitore ...


Vote Rio Tinto for Greenwash Gold 2012

Rio Tinto is bad news for many communities around the world. Its operations have failed to provide adequate protection of public health, the environment, workers and human rights. It is a scandal that it should be pr ...


West Papua’s political status can be challenged at the UN

After studying important documents at the Secretariat of the United Nations in relation to the Act of Free Choice, Yan Christian Warinussy of LP3BH concluded that the political status of West Papua is not yet final ...


Occupy PNG Takes On Government (And Wins!)

In another example of the power of popular resistance, Papua New Guineans this week appear to have successfully stopped the government from delaying elections and implementing a controversial Judicial Conduct Law tha ...


Conference of International Lawyers for West Papua in Den Haag

April 5th, 2012, after 51 years, the West Papuan people reclaim their right to self-determination by re-installing a New Guinea Council in West Papua. ...


KNPB demonstrations in support of IPWP launch in The Netherlands

Demonstrations organized by KNPB were held in Jayapura on April 2nd, and will be held again on April 5th to show support for the conference of the International Parliamentarians for West Papua (IPWP) to be held in th ...

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