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The Devaluation of the Nobel Peace Prize?

Two hundred and thirty-one people and organisations were nominated for this year’s Nobel Peace Prize, widely heralded as one of the most prestigious honours in global politics. Yet the five-person committee respons ...

Ratko Mladic

The Legacy of a Serbian War Criminal

Today's intervention in Libya - despite the muddled protestations of far left and anti-war groups - has its roots in Mladic's butchery, the world's failure to prevent it and determination that the same should not unf ...


West Papua Has Harsh Words, High Hopes For US

Rallies were held at US Embassies in West Papua, Jakarta, Melbourne and Perth, in advance of Sept 22nd’s US Congressional Hearing in Washington, DC titled “Crimes Against Humanity: When Will Indonesia’s Mil ...

Free West Papua!

WEST Papua Report Aug 2010 Highlights

“According to international agreements, other nations are legally obligated to intervene when a genocide is in process and Members of Congress remain hopeful that President Obama and the U.S. State Department will ...

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