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Collection of disturbing protest footage from Ukraine

Incredible video footage from the midst of the violently escalating protests in Kyiv over the past week ...


Is This What Democracy Looks Like in Indonesia?

Despite the glaring human rights concerns Indonesia is emerging onto the world stage with ferocity, but increased exposure leads to greater scrutiny and with each gross injustice inflicted upon the people of West Pap ...


How EU Leaders Sold Out Burma

When David Cameron backed the suspension of EU sanctions on Burma in April 2012, he emphasised in no uncertain terms that they would return if President Thein Sein’s administration reneged on democratic reforms. On ...


The Devaluation of the Nobel Peace Prize?

Two hundred and thirty-one people and organisations were nominated for this year’s Nobel Peace Prize, widely heralded as one of the most prestigious honours in global politics. Yet the five-person committee respons ...

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