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300,000 Dead West Papuans: A Fair Price For Our Golems?

To most so called civilized people, the land is nothing more than a commodity, to be exploited and ultimately discarded in the name of Western ‘progress’ and greed. The human cost of progress is not only born by ...


Czech Tourist Arrested in Papua For Photographing Protest

Police in Indonesia’s restive Papua region arrested a Czech tourist Wednesday for taking photos of a pro-independence demonstration. Petr Zamecnik, 35, was detained in the town of Manokwari, around 400 kilometers e ...


Súčasť plánu/Part of the Plan (Mixtape Antivirus)

Revolutionary Czech Hip-Hop Track is 'Part of the Plan' ...


WikiLeaks Clones Popping Up in Europe and Beyond

The perceived successes of WikiLeaks have catalyzed would-be whistle-blowers to launch their own crusades for transparency. ...

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