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Indonesia’s Message to Journalists: “Report on Papua, Go Directly to Jail”

On August 6th, French Journalists Valentine Bourrat and Thomas Dandois were arrested in West Papua on immigration charges. They are now facing up to 20 years in prison for these and a charge of 'subversion'. Local j ...


Historical speech by Vanuatu PM calls for UN action on West Papua

The Prime Minister of Vanuatu, Moana Carcasses called for international action on West Papua at the United Nations Human Rights Council in Geneva. Following on from his speech at the UN last September, Mr Carcasses f ...


Collection of disturbing protest footage from Ukraine

Incredible video footage from the midst of the violently escalating protests in Kyiv over the past week ...


Indonesian military gears up for oppression in West Papua

The Indonesian military has big plans and has made some big purchases. They have just acquired 8 units of AH-64 Apache combat helicopters as well as a number of submarines. Will they end be used for defense or to s ...


Is This What Democracy Looks Like in Indonesia?

Despite the glaring human rights concerns Indonesia is emerging onto the world stage with ferocity, but increased exposure leads to greater scrutiny and with each gross injustice inflicted upon the people of West Pap ...


The lowest common love exterminator.

Vassilis Galanos is an underground rapper, artist and photographer from Thessaloniki, Greece. ...


Jeanne sous la Pluie (Joan in the rain)

This video was made for the 600th birthday of Joan of Arc, Domremy, France and was on exhibit at the museum until the end of 2012. It is a tribute to Joan of Arc and to Cinema. ...


Has Snowden Inadvertently Unmasked the World’s Real Rogue Power?

His goal: to expose a vast surveillance structure built in the shadows in the post-9/11 years and significantly aimed at Americans. The result has been a global spectacle, as well as a worldwide debate about the spyi ...


Benny Wenda’s Mission to Free West Papua

Benny Wenda’s campaign for West Papuan independence is embarrassing Britain and enraging Indonesia... For Wenda, it’s all been in the service of a single goal: independence for West Papua and an end to what he de ...


Başlangiç (The Beginning)- Istanbul Rising #occupygezi

What began as an occupation of a central Istanbul park by environmental protesters angry at plans to develop it into a shopping centre, quickly developed into nationwide protests against Prime Minister Recep Tayyip E ...


PNG Gas Boom Not Benefiting Locals

A project run by ExxonMobil to supply China and Japan with liquefied gas for the next 30 years is changing life in Papua New Guinea with wildly inequitable results for local people. ...


EIA: Rogue Indonesian Cop’s Illegal Logging Operations

A video of illegal logging operations in the ecologically outstanding Raja Ampat Islands of West Papua has today been released by environmentalists following the arrest of rogue Indonesian cop-turned-smuggler Labora ...


Inside Burma: The Hidden Genocide

Video on the ongoing genocide of the Rohingya in Rakhine State, Myanmar and violence against Muslims in general. Created by International Business Times, UK ...


US Pledges to Step Up Military Ties With Indonesia

The United States will step up its military cooperation with Indonesia, Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel said in Singapore on Friday after meeting his Indonesian counterpart Purnomo Yusgiantoro. ...


An interview with freedom fighter Benny Wenda in Oxford

An interview with Benny Wenda of the Free West Papua Campaign in Oxford, UK, on 18 May 2013. Topics included: TedX Sydney appearance, the opening of the Free West Papua Campaign Office in Oxford, Victor Yeimo, Human ...


Deep Sea Mining − The Pacific Experiment

Canadian mining company Nautilus Minerals Inc. has staked its reputation on bringing off the world's first deep sea mining (DSM) operation. The Bismarck Sea in Papua New Guinea has been marked out as the testing grou ...


Germany Approves Tank Sale to Indonesia: Industry Source

The German government has approved the sale to Indonesia of about 100 used Leopard 2 tanks and 50 armored personnel carriers but has put off a decision on a tank sale to Saudi Arabia, a defense source said on Friday. ...


New Report Exposes Myth of ‘No Political Prisoners’ in Indonesia

A new report by UK-based NGO, TAPOL, forcefully challenges the Indonesian government’s repeated assertion that the country has ‘no political prisoners.’ There were at least 210 political arrests in West Papua d ...


Kashmir: Breaking the Silence

In Kashmir, the scale of human rights violations—from collective punishment and assassinations, to custodial deaths and disappearances—is staggering. Yet little of what goes on in that Himalayan region reaches th ...


How EU Leaders Sold Out Burma

When David Cameron backed the suspension of EU sanctions on Burma in April 2012, he emphasised in no uncertain terms that they would return if President Thein Sein’s administration reneged on democratic reforms. On ...

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