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PNG Gas Boom Not Benefiting Locals

A project run by ExxonMobil to supply China and Japan with liquefied gas for the next 30 years is changing life in Papua New Guinea with wildly inequitable results for local people. ...


Deep Sea Mining − The Pacific Experiment

Canadian mining company Nautilus Minerals Inc. has staked its reputation on bringing off the world's first deep sea mining (DSM) operation. The Bismarck Sea in Papua New Guinea has been marked out as the testing grou ...


Iraq- Ten Years After

It is difficult to discern which is the most despicable, the corrupt Bush regime, the presstitutes that enabled it, or the corrupt Obama regime that refuses to prosecute the Bush regime for its unambiguous war crimes ...


West Papua’s Uncertain Future

We are always told how primitive the Papuan people are; that we are the nobles in fine clothes while they are the koteka-wearing savages. We know that God created one of the most-stunning paradises on earth there, wh ...


Papua: A Mysterious Shooting – & A Mysterious Motive

Poengky Indarti, executive director Indonesia human rights monitor Imparsial, told the Jakarta Globe on Sunday: “Germany, Canada, Britain, the Netherlands and France questioned the Indonesian government on its hand ...


Masaki Batoh – Brain Pulse Music

Promotional video for "Brain Pulse Music" LP/CD, released February 28, 2012 on Drag City. ...


UN Beginning to Open its Eyes to the Human Rights Problem in Papua

The continued perpetration of state violence and human rights violations in Indonesia and especially in West Papua have begun to gain awareness in the international community. This is evident from the UN Human Rights ...


Sharp Increase in International Concern About Human Rights in West Papua

Indonesia's human rights record was reviewed by the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva, Switzerland. Concerns about human rights in Papua increased sharply since the last review in 2008, with a significant number of m ...


Art after Fukushima

THE threat of atomic annihilation has long influenced Japanese art. Some artists are now taking this in an intriguing new direction ...


South East Asia’s Phantom Menace: Rio Tinto & Freeport-Mcmoran

Papua New Guinea Prime Minister Michael Somare said, “Rio Tinto played an active role in military operations that ultimately led to a civil war in which 15,000 people died.” ...


Who Really Needs Nuclear Power? Big Business, That’s Who!

AKR recently learned Mitsubishi was the driving force behind building the Fukushima power plant, and that they had been warned its safety “could not be guaranteed” in the event of a natural disaster. Most ...

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