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PNG Gas Boom Not Benefiting Locals

A project run by ExxonMobil to supply China and Japan with liquefied gas for the next 30 years is changing life in Papua New Guinea with wildly inequitable results for local people. ...


Tibet: Situation Critical

Tibet Situation : Critical - Full Documentary by Jason Lansdell, is an extensive look at the current situation in Tibet and for Tibetans in exile. It covers the history of Tibet, before and after the Chinese invasion ...


EIA: Rogue Indonesian Cop’s Illegal Logging Operations

A video of illegal logging operations in the ecologically outstanding Raja Ampat Islands of West Papua has today been released by environmentalists following the arrest of rogue Indonesian cop-turned-smuggler Labora ...


Deep Sea Mining − The Pacific Experiment

Canadian mining company Nautilus Minerals Inc. has staked its reputation on bringing off the world's first deep sea mining (DSM) operation. The Bismarck Sea in Papua New Guinea has been marked out as the testing grou ...


Myanmar Army Continues to Live in Denial Over Abuses

Min Aung Hlaing should start by apologising to the Myanmar people and admitting that the army has committed widespread abuses. Then the people of his country may start to believe that the army can actually play a rol ...


Kashmir: Breaking the Silence

In Kashmir, the scale of human rights violations—from collective punishment and assassinations, to custodial deaths and disappearances—is staggering. Yet little of what goes on in that Himalayan region reaches th ...


Is Oil One Reason For Genocide of Rohingya in Burma?

Human rights campaigners are warning that further ethnic cleansing of the Rhingya in Burma, which is being exacerbated by land clearances due to economic developments surrounding the Shwe Oil/Gas pipeline, could be i ...


Aung San Suu Kyi: From Icon to Political Player

The woman who was once the world's most famous political prisoner is now wearing the less glamorous mantle of a mere politician. In reality, the (in)famous Burmese politician does no justice for anyone. A slaughtered ...


West Papua’s Uncertain Future

We are always told how primitive the Papuan people are; that we are the nobles in fine clothes while they are the koteka-wearing savages. We know that God created one of the most-stunning paradises on earth there, wh ...

Public Servants Bearing Witness Vol. 2

Public Servants Bearing Witness Vol. 2

Public Servants BEARING WITNESS serves as a supplement to mainstream news’ output. P.S. BEARING WITNESS was created to help maintain an informed public by covering the major international stories mainstream media h ...


100th Self-Immolation Reported Inside Tibet

A former Tibetan Buddhist monk protested Chinese rule by killing himself through self-immolation this month, becoming the 100th person to do so inside Chinese-governed Tibet since 2009. ...


The Siege of Kachin State

While the world is dropping sanctions against the military regime in Burma the Kachins are fending off a siege. Woman are raped and killed and thousands of children suffer. It appears as if the world is ignoring the ...


Burma’s Airstrike On Democracy

“The fighting has intensified right now… We heard the sound of armaments and explosions three times last night… When we visited the refugee camps, the refugees’ faces reflect suffering, anxiety, and concern. ...


Rohingya – The Hidden Genocide

This is a story of a people fleeing the land where they were born, of a people deprived of citizenship in their homeland. It is the story of the Rohingya of western Myanmar, whose very existence as a people is denied ...


Blood and Gold: Inside Burma’s Hidden War

So far, more than 75,000 ethnic Kachin civilians have been driven from their ancestral lands. Human rights groups allege the Burmese army is intentionally attacking civilian areas, with wide-spread evidence of tortur ...


The Devaluation of the Nobel Peace Prize?

Two hundred and thirty-one people and organisations were nominated for this year’s Nobel Peace Prize, widely heralded as one of the most prestigious honours in global politics. Yet the five-person committee respons ...


China turns away Burma’s Kachin refugees

Human rights groups say there are documented cases involving around 300 Kachins being forced to return to Burma and others who were turned away at the border. ...


Tiananmen’s Ghosts Haunt China’s Future

The 4 June 1989 massacre- commonly referred to as the ‘Tiananmen Square Massacre’ though the bloodshed took place in the streets of Beijing rather than. the square itself- has long haunted the ruling Chinese Comm ...


A Grim Portrait of Palm Oil Emissions in Indonesia

INDONESIA RANKS RIGHT BEHIND THE UNITED STATES AND CHINA IN THE LINEUP OF THE WORLD’S TOP 10 GREENHOUSE GAS EMITTERS. It’s not because of smokestacks or freeways, but massive deforestation starting in the 1990s ...

Sultan Zain-ul-Abidin

Of Myths and Facts: Kashmir

Ultimately the truth of Kashmir will have to triumph; Kashmir will surely outlive this hate, divide and oppression. ...

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