AK Rockefeller Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone


A Historic Moment for International Justice

The conviction of Charles Taylor last week prompted mixed scenes of celebration and outrage across Liberia – the country he ruled with an iron first, and Sierra Leone – the country he brutalised by facilitating t ...


Why America Won’t Help With Kashmir

THE WEST LOOKS UPON INDIA AS A BOOMING MARKET WHERE IT CAN SELL ITS ARMAMENTS AND TECHNOLOGY. India, the largest importer of arms in the world, is planning to enhance its stockpile by buying $100 billion worth of new ...


Sri Lanka: You Can’t Hide the Truth Forever

“We have proof of war crimes- we demand justice” – that was the message from thousands of Tamil protesters gathered outside the 19th Session of the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva this week. The current sessi ...


Goodnight Kimberly: The Return of Blood Diamonds

At almost nine years old the Kimberley Process stood as one of the most radical and potentially transformative human rights ventures in recent history; providing a binding international tracking and certification fra ...

Ratko Mladic

The Legacy of a Serbian War Criminal

Today's intervention in Libya - despite the muddled protestations of far left and anti-war groups - has its roots in Mladic's butchery, the world's failure to prevent it and determination that the same should not unf ...

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