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Africa Plundered by Secret Mining Deals, Corporate Tax Evasion

Tax avoidance, secret mining deals and financial transfers are depriving Africa of the benefits of its resources boom. Ex-UN chief Kofi Annan said, “Africa loses twice as much money through these loopholes as it ge ...


Beat Making Lab in the DR Congo

Beat Making Lab is a new PBS Digital Studios series featuring young musicians from around the world. In Ep. 1 Professor Pierce Freelon and Apple Juice Kid collaborate with youth in the Democratic Republic of Congo at ...


Public Servants Bearing Witness Vol. 3

Public Servants BEARING WITNESS serves as a supplement to mainstream news’ output. P.S. BEARING WITNESS was created to help maintain an informed public by covering the major international stories mainstream media h ...


Blood Coltan

The mobile (cell) phone is a remarkable piece of engineering. But look inside. There's blood in this machine. There's blood in this device because your mobile contains tiny electronic circuits, and they couldn't work ...


Modern Day Slavery

For the past two years, photographer Lisa Kristine has traveled the world, documenting the unbearably harsh realities of modern-day slavery. She shares hauntingly beautiful images -- miners in the Congo, brick layers ...

Africa: Kony's LRA and Boko Haram Lose Top Generals To Capture

Africa: Kony’s LRA and Boko Haram Lose Top Generals To Capture

It has been a bad week for two of Africa’s most notorious militias – and a good one for justice. On Saturday, US-backed Ugandan troops detained senior Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) commander Caesar Achellam in t ...


The Politics Of Genocide: White Supremacy, Ideology And Corporate Control

Why are some conflicts labeled as "genocide" while others are not? Why do we hear more about six million Jews exterminated half a century ago than we do about 10 million Congolese people exterminated since 1996? Are ...


Who Will Arrest Bosco Ntaganda, “The Lord of Impunity”?

The "general" has been implicated in rape, the abduction of child soldiers and possible ethnic cleansing. Why has Ntaganda remained so elusive and untouchable? Is it really possible that the 17,000 UN peacekeeping ...


Making Sense of Kony2012, Invisible Children and Regional Politics

I am a survivor of Africa's two deadliest conflicts: the Rwandan genocide and subsequent war in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). Both tragedies have left in me an indelible quest for social justice. As suc ...


Rwanda, Unsafe to Speak Out

If there’s one person in the world that Kagame fears today, it is Victoire Ingabire - the Rwandan Aung San Suu Kyi ...


Remarkable Media Silence On Congo Protests

There was a massive police operation in central london to control a passionate but mainly peaceful protest by up to 1000 congolese people which began in whitehall, spreading to trafalgar square, and with further brea ...


Support Women in DR Congo: The Rape Capital of the World

Eastern DR Congo has been named the rape capital of the world. ...

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