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Anthropologist Stuart Kirsch discusses the questionable science of the mining industry

Source: CBC Radio Cultural Anthropologist Stuart Kirsch spent decades working with native peoples living along the ok Tedi River, in Papua New Guinea, trying to oppose the social and environmental threats posed by an ...


A Different Paradigm: Reclaiming Our Minds From the Post-Apocalyptic Motif

It’s time to start thinking about why it is so often used to create fear and hate as opposed to the opposite, and to start doing more to counteract that manipulation ...


Culture Conflicts And Advancement

You are not what you say you are, you are not what you think you are, and you are not what your father is, you are what you are, and you may be surprised when you figure out what that is. ...


PsyOps: Studying Narrative Comprehension and Persuasion

ITS calls your attention to a DARPA-funded research project studying the effectiveness of different narratives in efforts of mass persuasion. Using MRI and EEG they will map areas of the brain involved in narrative ...


Iraq- Ten Years After

It is difficult to discern which is the most despicable, the corrupt Bush regime, the presstitutes that enabled it, or the corrupt Obama regime that refuses to prosecute the Bush regime for its unambiguous war crimes ...


West Papua’s Uncertain Future

We are always told how primitive the Papuan people are; that we are the nobles in fine clothes while they are the koteka-wearing savages. We know that God created one of the most-stunning paradises on earth there, wh ...


Obama + banksy = Obanksy

Obama + banksy = Obanksy ...


Sometimes It Hurts

Sometimes it hurts. ...


Human Resources: Social Engineering In The 20th Century

Human Resources: Social Engineering in the 20th Century explores the rise of mechanistic philosophy and the exploitation of human beings under modern hierarchical systems. ...


The Politics Of Genocide: White Supremacy, Ideology And Corporate Control

Why are some conflicts labeled as "genocide" while others are not? Why do we hear more about six million Jews exterminated half a century ago than we do about 10 million Congolese people exterminated since 1996? Are ...


Rebuttal to U Khin Maung Saw’s Misinformation on Rohingya

Numerous Crimes Against Humanity have been committed by the Burmese military regime and non-state actors against the Rohingya people ...


Christmas on Earth

Identity is in flux. Identity is the transmitter for the soul. Identity naturally moves to examine and assimilate more information. This is its purpose. ...


Indonesian Government Spying on American Tourists in Papua

The Indonesian government runs a network of spies and informants in Papua that is staggering in its scope and range of targets. And infecting all the reporting and analysis is a deep paranoia that is both astonishing ...

The New Culture of Resistance

The New Culture of Resistance

Generation OS13 is an explosive insight into the attack on civil liberties occurring in western democracies and how artists, musicians, journalists and authors encourage the peoples right to resist against Banker occ ...

$ystem failure

$ystem failure

$ystem failure by Humphrey King ...

This Man is Your FRIEND: The Art of Anonymous

This Man is Your FRIEND: The Art of Anonymous

A Gallery of Anonymous Inspired Art ...


PsyWar – Wake UP!

"War, business and religion readily mix like a recipe for gunpowder" -Humphrey King ...

Clinton: "We Are Losing the Information War"

Clinton: “We Are Losing the Information War”

The U.S. is losing an information war to alternative media outlets... ...

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Campaign against the so-called Clash of Civilizations . . . ...

Polish Propaganda Posters

Polish Propaganda Posters

1920's Polish Propaganda Posters ...

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