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Raise the flag for West Papua

Despite cruel restrictions, every December 1st West Papuans gather to celebrate the day they were granted independence from the Dutch and risk their lives raising the Morning Star flag in remembrance. ...


Malaysia in the Age of Inhibition

A few weeks in Malaysia have enabled me to wrap loose ends on an outreach project, a combo of counselling and trouble-shooting on poverty concerns, and not forgetting the reporting. ...


ThaiSouth in Suthep’s Bangkok

February the First, marked another violent episode in Bangkok, though this time in Lak Si district where two opposing forces exchanged gunfire. I made my way to Central World, where the so-called People’s Democ ...


Convergence of Thoughts, in Kurang Village

Supplies needed, relief given. Hardship in these parts is deeply ingrained in the farming community, scattered in what appears to be dry barren land to any bubbly urban-born selfie-addicted Thai. Though the farmers s ...


Of rice, farmers and perseverance, in Maha Sarakham

The aircraft’s twin-engine roared as the ATR72-200’s breaks into slow submission to the kiss of earth. Finally, in a small landing field with a runway and surrounded by dark, brown-reddish earth and shor ...


Fear of “catastrophic violence” against Myanmar Muslims

The attitudes behind the deadly and systematic violence against Muslims in overwhelmingly Buddhist Myanmar could, if left unchecked, lead to “mass atrocities,” Physicians for Human Rights (PHR) said in a report r ...


The fearless Freedom Flotilla sails for occupied West Papua

On August 17th, a group of heroic activists set sail from Cairns, Australia, bound for West Papua in the Freedom Flotilla. Their mission is land on West Papuan soil and use their journey to draw attention to the hum ...


Beyond Internet Activism

The opposite of internet activism is not street activism but no-activism. Internet activism is sometimes equated with impotence but at least it exists. We are still in the stage of experimentation on how the internet ...


Has Snowden Inadvertently Unmasked the World’s Real Rogue Power?

His goal: to expose a vast surveillance structure built in the shadows in the post-9/11 years and significantly aimed at Americans. The result has been a global spectacle, as well as a worldwide debate about the spyi ...

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