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Controlled Chaos: The Art of Harriet Showman

I'd hate to have the sun dictate my life.... ‘invisible-i-am’ is a book in the form of a teenage girl’s journal, a personal testimony that illustrates, with piercing clarity and uncanny empathy, the destructive ...


Delia / The Efformation

'Delia' by Humphrey King // shaping contemporary narrative / (out of nothing but air) / POLITICAL REALITY. / IS TRANSFORMED ...


Once Upon a Time in Poverty

Intense summer heat, the walkway covered with feet, squeezing, past broken tiles, of uneven pavement and soiled back lanes. Into their corporate rat race. Bangkok at night, brings about contradiction, When poverty do ...


Global Solidarity Concert for West Papua in Los Angeles

AK Rockefeller is honored to be sharing the stage with Blue King Brown, Big Mountain and Benny Wenda at The Mint in Los Angeles this May 15th. Come check out some great music and show your support for a free West Pap ...

Art by Free Voice

Unattended Shadow of My Mind

Taunting shadows, they sway to the imagination, the limitless depths of the mind, playing to the touch of light. A weariness, creeping forth, tempting these tired eyes to slumber, yet I resist, with gasps; simply to ...


A Time for ‘Sublime Madness’

Ultimately, the artist and the revolutionary function as they function, and pay whatever dues they must pay behind it because they are both possessed by a vision, and they do not so much follow this vision as find th ...

The Miracle of Raver J

The Intention of Raver J

I think it's important to state intentions -especially in these times. The world is in a critical state -it's time to wake from complacency, apathy, and criticism. It's time to show Love and do! ...


‘West Papua can win’, exiled activists say

British oil giant BP has signed a deal with Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono for a $12 billion expansion of the Tangguh liquefied natural gas (LNG) project in occupied West Papua. The deal is typical of ...


West Papua- The Guernica of the 21st Century (sans outrage)

Similar to the blockade of Republican controlled areas of Spain by the fascists during the Spanish Civil War, the Javanese are economically, politically and culturally blockading the West Papuans and for much the sam ...


Masaki Batoh – Brain Pulse Music

Promotional video for "Brain Pulse Music" LP/CD, released February 28, 2012 on Drag City. ...


Abandoning The Great Illusion

By abandoning the great illusion, we come to terms with ourselves through hardship and perseverance, and we embrace the reality that our immortality starts when others change their behaviors in response to our selfle ...


Challenging the Notion of African Primitivism

These elegant and captivating statues change the way we think of Africa and Africans, and for that reason this might be the most important African art exhibition anywhere right now. ...


The Iranian Andy Warhol

Despite restrictions in Iran, a new crop of artists creates works that blend ancient and modern history and ideas, winning acclaim at home and abroad ... ...

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