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Australia’s Piracy on the High Seas

The protracted debacle that has been this detention at sea has left the human rights reputation of Australia in a shaky state. The piracy and detention of people by Australian officials outside their own territory ra ...


West Papua: Remembering 51 years of oppression

Dusk is falling across Melbourne and West Papua, but not over the dreams of the Papuan people. Today, remembering 51 years of oppression having been denied the right to self-determination, the West Papuan people gath ...


A Prayer to the Gods

Bakchos was attacked by four men, he had a pillowcase placed over his head, a noose around his neck and petrol poured over him, whilst all sorts of abuse were hurled in his direction, including terms such as ‘nigge ...


West Papua and the United Nations

Upon hearing that the Secretary-General of the United Nations, Mr. Ban Ki Moon, will be attending The Jakarta International Defence Dialogue on 21 March 2012, West Papuan activists rallied in various cities to bring ...


Copper and Gold: The Blood Diamonds of West Papua

By 1973, the mine was fully operational and production has continued to grow ever since, but the quality of life of the native West Papuans has not, lending weight to the guerilla separatist movement known as Organis ...

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