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The Silent Voice of the Indigenous Mani People

Check out these two excellent documentaries about the indigenous Mani people of southern Thailand and northern Malaysia. ...


Filep Karma will only accept an unconditional release from prison

West Papuan political prisoner and freedom fighter, Filep Karma, has refused an offer of clemency from the Indonesian government because he was never guilty of a crime in the first place. ...


Global Solidarity Concert for West Papua in Los Angeles

AK Rockefeller is honored to be sharing the stage with Blue King Brown, Big Mountain and Benny Wenda at The Mint in Los Angeles this May 15th. Come check out some great music and show your support for a free West Pap ...


Intrepid Women of the Great Identity Transduction

Identity Transduction is imminent. All genders, old and new, will participate. Culture is ours to manufacture and manipulate as we see fit. Capitulation is death. Art is freedom. ...


Historical speech by Vanuatu PM calls for UN action on West Papua

The Prime Minister of Vanuatu, Moana Carcasses called for international action on West Papua at the United Nations Human Rights Council in Geneva. Following on from his speech at the UN last September, Mr Carcasses f ...


Patterns of impunity and deceit in Myanmar

A UN supervised investigation is needed before more atrocities are committed against the Rohingya Muslims. Yet another deadly attack on Myanmar's persecuted Rohingya minority made the news recently, this time taking ...


Jeanne sous la Pluie (Joan in the rain)

This video was made for the 600th birthday of Joan of Arc, Domremy, France and was on exhibit at the museum until the end of 2012. It is a tribute to Joan of Arc and to Cinema. ...


PsyOps: Studying Narrative Comprehension and Persuasion

ITS calls your attention to a DARPA-funded research project studying the effectiveness of different narratives in efforts of mass persuasion. Using MRI and EEG they will map areas of the brain involved in narrative ...


Sneak Preview of Bill Still’s Jekyll Island

The debt money system is the primary cause of most of the world's economic problems today. In addition, it is a major cause of most of the world's hunger, poverty, misery and disease. The good news is it does not hav ...


Police Violence: Chronology of the Case of Andinus Karoba

Andinus Karoba was arrested for nothing and forced into a truck with his hands and legs in handcuffs. While driving to Polresta, Andinus was shot three times, twice in his leg, on his thigh and calf, and once in th ...


Rohingya Documentary: Stateless In Their Own Country

To commemorate the one year anniversary of the first outbreak of violence in Arakan state, Myanmar in June 2012, Restless Beings held a special exclusive screening of a documentary- Stateless In Their Own Country. ...


The CIA Controls Al Qaeda

A video by Mark Murata which shows how the CIA created Al Qaeda and used it to attack Egypt. ...


Deliverance, Shell Hell and Peace Surface by Ofunne

3 more awesome pieces by Ofunne Obiamiwe! ...


An interview with freedom fighter Benny Wenda in Oxford

An interview with Benny Wenda of the Free West Papua Campaign in Oxford, UK, on 18 May 2013. Topics included: TedX Sydney appearance, the opening of the Free West Papua Campaign Office in Oxford, Victor Yeimo, Human ...


28 workers die in Freeport McMoran tunnel collapse

Video art about the devil Richard K. Adkerson and the Freeport-McMoran mining company. Freeport-McMoran owns the Grasberg mine in Timika, West Papua, the scene of a recent tunnel collapse killing 28 miners. ...


The New Politics

Politics is about man’s infinite search for the most effective way of organizing societies. It mirrors the imperfections of man and thus it remains an unfinished project, an incomplete thesis. But it stands for a g ...


Stand by Me & Flow of Night

Two paintings by Colleen K. Ernst -- @cke5 on Twitter. These beautiful paintings were exchanged for a custom CD of AK Rockefeller music. ...


City Collages

CITY Collages by brillianthues: Coming Into Philly / Dusk / Strolling / Los Badlands / Urban Confusion ...


Solidarity for West Papuan Political Prisoners

Political prisoners must be protected according to the Indonesian regulations, as well as the UN's Standard Minimum Rules for the Treatment of Prisoners. But that's not the case in Papua where the prisoners suffer. ...


Indonesia To Build Unmanned Drone Squadron In 2013

Indonesia's Minister for Research and Technology, Gusti Muhammad Hatta said the country will build an unmanned drone squadron in 2013 for special missions and national defence, Indonesia's Antara reported. ...

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