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Lush Cosmetics Campaigns to End Genocide in West Papua

On November 19, 2011 Dutch people and Papuans in The Netherlands gathered to raise awareness for West Papua with Lush Cosmetics. Lush Cosmetics has launched the citizens ‘ initiative which we call on the Dutch Gove ...


Indonesia Invites PNG PM To Attend Bali Democracy Forum

The President of Indonesia, Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, has invited PNG Prime Minister, Peter ONeill, to attend the Bali Democracy Forum later this year. The invitation is for Mr ONeill to attend the annual forum to pa ...


West Papua: The Effect of Transmigration

In addition to the physical murder of Papuans, the more serious and greatest threat to Papuans is the effect of transmigration. ...


Melanesians under Indonesian Authority in West Papua

Make it more Indonesian. Transmigrants to alter the demographic balance in West Papua. ...


The Indonesian Judicial System Is A Joke

The Indonesian judicial system is a joke. The Indonesian military kills West Papuans with impunity. Yet the freedom of speech and association is nonexistent for West Papuans. ...


An Open Letter To President Yudhoyono

Sovereign borders are man-made, they are not static, they are dynamic. They are steered by the forces of time. ...


One of Australia’s richest men destroying Coral sea paradise in West Papua

Do you know about Raja Ampat, the amazon of the oceans? It is a place of unparalleled beauty in West Papua. But it is also threatened... ...

Orang Pendatang

West Papua… Today

Photos from Jayapura, West Papua, by Paul ...

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